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July 22 2016

10 Ways To Make Your Bed The Comfiest Place On Earth


You may or may not know that today is National Pyjama Day and as we all love a lie-in in our favourite PJs, we thought that to celebrate we would share with you 10 ways to make your bed the comfiest, cosiest place on earth!

And please remember to donate to The Pyjama Foundation to help raise funds for children in foster care. Donate here.


  1. Scented Candles

No bedroom is complete without the relaxing aroma of your favourite scented candle.

Source: Tessa Barton


  1. Fairy Lights

Add a magical touch with the addition of some gentle fairy lights, a great alternative to the harsh bulb in the center of your ceiling.

Source: Fairy Lights and Cozy Nights


  1. Chunky Blanket

A duvet/doona (whatever you call them) is never enough. Wrap yourself up in a chunky blanket for extra cosiness! I personally love the extra weight of a heavy blanket on top of my doona to help me sleep a little more snugly.

Source: Fashion Gone Rouge


  1. Linen Sheets

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh linen sheets against your skin. You may have to fork out a little extra from the piggy bank but it is worth it!

Source: Apartment Therapy


  1. Extra Pillows

How many is too many? You can never have too many pillows. Having said that, I know I’m not the only one who throws the eight extra pillows on the floor before bed every single night and sleep with just the one!

Source: Feed Puzzle

  1. A Cosy Canopy

There is something extra comforting about falling asleep under a canopy. I can’t explain it, there just is.

Source: Apartment Therapy

  1. A Good Book & A Cup Of Tea/Coffee/Hot Choc

These are essential additions to making your lie-in that little bit more comfortable. Before you know it your getting up to shower at 10pm before getting back into your PJs ready for bed.

Source: Play Buzz


  1. Comfy PJs

The first rule of a good nights sleep is don’t get in to bed in the clothes, undies, socks or any other item of clothing, that you have been wearing all day long. Get your partner to treat you to some linen PJs for our birthday.

Source: Pellicule


  1. A Fury Friend

As humans, we instinctually enjoy the company of another especially if it is a fury friend snuggling up to you under the sheets. They're like a living hot water bottle.

Source: Rebecca Judd Loves

  1. All Of The Above.

Source: Pretty Designs

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