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  • Maison Balzac - L'Obscurite

Maison Balzac - L'Obscurite - Maison Balzac


Large candle - Burns for 70 hours
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We have united with Artists Lyn & Tony to create two candles that evoke the sensory strangeness of the Australian landscape. L'Obscurité (darkness) imagines the scent of black volcanic rocks by the ocean, warming up in the morning sun.

L'Obscurité partners with L'Étrangeté creating a third unique scent when burnt in unison.

 Available in Large only

  • Olfactive notes: Tree Resin, Birch Tar, Red Cedar
  • Large: 300g approx. 70 hours burn time
  • Materials: Soy Wax with Cotton Wick

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