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  • Maison Balzac - La Plage (Matteau)

Maison Balzac - La Plage (Matteau) - Maison Balzac


Mini candle - 18 hour burn time
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In an organic collaboration between close friends, Matteau and Maison Balzac have created a candle with a scent of summer that evokes memories of long warm days spent at the beach.

Translated from ‘the beach’, La Plage is built on an olfactive pyramid of bergamot, lemon and green leaf to conjure fresh scents reminiscent of an Australian summer.  Fresh, natural and warm, the fragrance harnesses femininity, nature and individuality in the underlying notes of star jasmine, murraya and vetiver.




  • Olfactive Notes: Bergamot, Lemon & Green Leaf
  • Mini: 55g approx. 18 hours burn time
  • Materials: Soy wax with cotton wick

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