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  • Candle Of The Month: Coffee

    February 04 2019

    Well, the holiday season is officially officially over.  To help us shake off those holiday blues and ease back into the daily grind, we present our Candle Of The Month;...

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  • Candle Of The Month: Summer Sunset

    January 17 2019

    We never want that Summer feeling to end.. the seemingly endless hours of sunlight, post-work swims, a refreshing cocktail at home or our favourite local bar and the scent of pineapple...

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  • The Candle Club: October

    October 31 2017

    We are making preparations to send out our gorgeous November candles for our lucky Candle Club members!! But before we do, here's a peek at what we sent for our...

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  • The Candle Club: September

    September 18 2017

    Each month our exclusive members of The Candle Club receive a surprise candle in the post along with some other goodies! Every candle is carefully curated by The Candle Library Team for...

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  • The Candle Club: May

    May 18 2017

    The Candle Club is a (not so) secret of society of people who adore the world of luxury fragrances & beautiful vessels.  They are also people who love receiving an...

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  • Candle Club - April

    April 18 2017

    The Easter long weekend has just come and gone so quickly! We hope everyone was relaxed, stuffed with chocolate and stocked up with candles after our Easter weekend flash sale!...

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  • The Candle Club - February

    February 25 2017

    Join our exclusive Candle Club and be part of Australia’s first and only candle subscription service.  You may have noticed that February is "love month" and while you were busy picking...

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  • The Candle Club: January

    January 22 2017

    With the Christmas and New Years excitement subsiding you wouldn't be blamed for being extra surprised when your first Candle Club shipment of 2017 arrived at your door! I don't know...

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  • The Candle Club - December

    December 17 2016

    As you all know, we carefully select what our Candle Club members receive each month based on the time of year, what is currently trending and the identifying events - which...

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  • The Candle Club - November

    November 12 2016

    CAUTION: This blog may create feelings of jealously or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)...But don't worry, you can jump onboard next month's Candle Club shipment and be part of the...

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  • The Candle Club - October

    October 15 2016

    Ever wanted to be part of a club? Look no further, the Candle Club is the perfect club to be apart of! Being a member means you are on the...

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  • The Candle Club - September

    September 17 2016

    It's that time again! All our subscribers are getting their mits on September's special delivery.   This month...*drum roll please*...our general subscribers were sent an first-sneak peek at something very...

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  • Candle of the Month: Nature Trail

    September 02 2016

    Picture walking through a dense pine forest with the warm spring-time sun on your face.  The moss covered tree roots make your adventure a little slippery but that okay because...

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  • Candle Subscription - August

    August 20 2016

    For the month of August our subscribers received a candle which is beautiful on the inside and out.  Its gentle and calming blue patterned exterior is a perfect match to the blue...

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  • Candle Subscription - July 2016

    July 18 2016

      This month we decided to send our subscribers some tropical vibes to remind them of warmer months ahead and help them through the remaining weeks of winter.   There is...

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  • Candle Of The Week: The Woods

    July 13 2016

    The cold snap has really hit now! We needed a Winter-Warmer this week, and what could be better than the essence of exotic smooth timbers in this weeks Candle Of...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Lemon & Calendula

    July 05 2016

        It’s that time of year when we need a little pick me up to brush off the winter sniffles.   This week’s Candle Of The Week is the...

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  • The Perfect Whiskey Sour

    July 01 2016

      Image thanks to https://mrsimple.com.au   In the winter months you can’t beat a classic Whiskey Sour to warm your cockles – it’s simple yet delicious and we love it! Whisky...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Whisky O'clock

    June 27 2016

      As the sun sets at the end of a long day, there is nothing better than sinking in to your favourite arm chair, feet up on the coffee table,...

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  • Candle Of The Week: One Rainy Wish

    June 20 2016

      With all the precipitation we have been having in Byron Bay over the last 24 hours, there could only be one candidate for this week’s Candle Of The Week...

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  • Candle Subscription - June 2016

    June 17 2016

      Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love Teakwood & Tobacco by P.F. Candle Co.? No, we didn’t think so!   It’s just one of those fragrances that seems...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Ginger Ale

    June 14 2016

      It’s apparently winter here in our home town of Byron Bay, however these mild, sunshiny days would beg to differ and what better accompaniment for a warm winters day...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Persian Rose

    June 07 2016

      This week’s Candle of the Week is Persian Rose from Lumira.   As the temperature cools, think back to summer days spent running wild in a secret garden, the...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Bestiola Range

    June 02 2016

      This week’s Candle Of The Week is the full Bestiola range from DL & Co.   Inspired by Mother Nature and her botanicals, this range captures the essence of...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Agapé

    May 23 2016

      Agapé; a selfless, sacrificial and unconditional love.   The Greek meaning behind the name of this week’s Candle Of The Week is one of love and adoration, not in an...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Wild Flowers

    May 16 2016

      Here at The Candle Library we like to offer something a little different and this week’s Candle Of The Week comes all the way from Latvia in Eastern Europe....

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  • Candle Subscription - May 2016

    May 10 2016

      At the beginning of each month we send out a surprise candle in the mail to our lucky candle subscription holders and this month was particularly special with many subscriptions...

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  • Candle of the Week: Lilies & Leather

    May 09 2016

      Lilies & Leather from Palm Beach Collection is the perfect scent for this time of year when the sun is still shining but there’s a trace of a winter in...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Campfire

    May 02 2016

      Campfire from P.F. Candle Co. It’s the place where tales are told, laughs are shared and songs are sung. The source of light on the darkest of nights and...

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  • Candle Subscriptions - April 2016

    April 28 2016

      Would you love to receive a scented surprise in the post every month?   You’ve come to the right place! The Candle Library offers the only candle subscription service...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Blue Apothecary Travel Candles

    April 11 2016

      For the globetrotters and adventurers out there we have the perfect collection of travel candles to help create a sense of home away from home.   When you are...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Woodsmoke

    April 04 2016

      Take a walk back through the forest to your log cabin with a miniature chimney is billowing smoke. The scent of wood smoke is carried in the wind for...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Apple Picking

    March 29 2016

      We are continuing the Autumnal feel this week with Apple Picking from P.F Candle Co. – A sweet combination of fresh green apples and the musk of cinnamon spice....

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  • Candle Of The Week: Dark Chocolate

    March 22 2016

      We are obsessed with chocolate here at The Candle Library HQ and in the run up to Easter we thought there was nothing more fitting than Dark Chocolate by Paddywax...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Orange Blossom

    March 14 2016

      Autumn is in the air, the leaves are slowly turning and the nights are drawing in. This week we chose a fitting candle for our Candle of The Week,...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Sandalwood (Santalum Album)

    March 07 2016

      With summer officially over and after a week of rain here in Byron Bay, we are looking forward to snuggling up and getting cosy this weekend so this week's...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Collezione Bianca

    February 29 2016

      This week, with the special, once-every-four-years date of 29th February, we’re celebrating all things limited edition with Lumira's Collezione Bianca candle range.   Inspired by American Minimalist Ellsworth Kelly,...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Premium Ceramics Range by The Candle Library

    February 22 2016

      The Candle Library is delighted to present its maiden range of scented soy wax candles: The Premium Ceramic range consists of 10 original, unisex fragrances; Dixieland Jazz, Hearts On Fire, In...

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  • Candle Of The Week: French Gimlet

    February 15 2016

      This week there is cause for celebration. The Candle Library team is down in Sydney for Life Instyle and although working hard by day, we will be sipping on...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Love That Burns

    February 08 2016

      Here at The Candle Library we love LOVE! In our opinion there is nothing better than butterflies in your stomach and love hearts in your eyes.   To help...

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  • Candle of the Week: Summer Breeze

    February 01 2016

      It’s the first day of the last month of Summer – although we have to admit, we’re lucky in Byron Bay. It’s almost summer all year round. For those...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Australia

    January 25 2016

      It’s that time of the year again, Australia Day, where every patriotic citizen dons their favourite Southern Cross singlet, grabs their Aussie flag stubby holder, blows up Skippy the inflatable...

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  • Candle Of The Week - Ocean Tide & Sea Salt

    January 14 2016

      Salty skin and beach hair are the norm around these parts and there is no better remedy to cool down during this heatwave than to submerge yourself in the...

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  • Winner Winner!

    January 12 2016

      Have you received a package from us recently? We would love to see all your beautiful new candles in their new homes! Post a picture of your new candle...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Espresso

    January 08 2016

      The holiday season is over, the NY party poppers have been popped and the nation is slowly returning back to the daily grind. To help shake off the resulting...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Celebration Day

    January 01 2016

      This week, we have a lot to celebrate, and what better way to do that than with our Candle Of The Week; Celebration Day by Tatine.   With the...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Wildflower & Fern

    December 25 2015

      Christmas is a time for giving and by purchasing this Wildflower & Fern candle from Hand in Hand, you are not only receiving a pretty scented candle but you...

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  • Candle Of The Week: Arabian Oud

    December 18 2015

      This week, we’re going on a sensory journey to far off lands with our Candle of The Week; Arabian Oud, made by Australian candle maker, Atelier Lumira.   This...

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